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Last Updated: 2022-03-29 03:28:03

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Monetize your music or podcast and get paid on Soakat.com as visitors Stream/Download.

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Start free or premium music monetization and get paid for music streams worldwide.

"Monetize" refers to the process of turning a non-revenue-generating item into cash. 


How to create Soakat  account

Signing up for Soakat.com is very simple. You can use any Web browser, go to Soakat.com and Click the Sign-up button. You will then have the choice of either using your Facebook account, Gmail account, or email address to sign up. 


User data deletion

After connected your Facebook account to Soakat.com and start sharing you music with the world.

For Data deletion instructions:

Just visit Facebook and disconnect Soakat App, hence you have disconnected your Soakat account. 


How to Sign up with Email

Click Create Account button

Enter your email address.

Choose a password.

Enter all the necessary details such as gender, date of birth but more than 9 years, and name


How to Sign up with Facebook or Gmail 

 Click on Sign up with GOOGLE or FACEBOOK.

 If you’re not already logged into Facebook or Google, you’re directed to enter your Facebook or Goggle account details.

 Just allow Soakat.com access to your Facebook or Google account to continue.


How to upload music

To upload music you must be a member, Artist, Record Label, Music Group or Promoter and you must OWN the RIGHTS to your songs.

To upload your songs, simply login or create an account and Click Upload icon, fill out the following information:

Track Name - Your song title

Artist(s) - You can select one or multiple artist.

Album(s) - You can connect your song to an Album if available.

Artwork File - Your song image cover

Audio File - Upload your MP3 file

Description - Give description about your song

Then the Lyrics, Genres, Moods, Tags, Released date, Copyright (Owner or Record Label etc. 

Youtube Video ID - For example: www.youtube.com/watch?v=2My8dIgQbms

Allow to be free or sell this song and add song Price.



Artist can create podcast by importing podcast’s RSS or create your own podcast then upload episode.

    Artist can earn commission when a episode has been played.

    User can subscribe a podcast to get new notification of new release episode.


Bank Transfers (SWIFT)

Please note that a $XX.00 transaction fee is charged on all Bank Transfers (SWIFT).

Please fill in your bank details as complete as possible, including:

- Your Address

- Your bank's Address

- The name of the account holder

- Your account number and if possible IBAN

- Your bank's SWIFT code 


How to report a song or artist Page 

Soakat.com respects the rights of copyright holders and will work with the said copyright holders to ensure that infringing material is removed from our platform

If you believe that a file that was uploaded on Soakat.com infringes on your copyright then please contact the email below to submit a request. Be sure to include your relationship to the owner of the copyrighted work, your full contact info, and the url of song/artist page or Articles you are referring to email address: debrichgroup@hotmail.com


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