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Last Updated: 2022-02-15 04:57:00

Our story

It was 2020, when we began working on Soakat.com project to simplify music access for music lovers, their Artistes, Podcasts, Radio and Blog.

Working initially from Hamburg city - Germany, Soakat.com soon recognised the potential of this Soakat idea and gathered a small team together. It didn't take long for investors and music labels to catch on. Today Soakat is available in more than 180 countries, partnering with thousands of independent and major labels, with one of the largest catalogues out there (53 million tracks are expected).

We combine human recommendations from the Soakat Editors with smart technology to help people discover music they'll love. Everyone can enjoy unlimited music on mobile and web, while Soakat Premium subscribers benefit from music as well as entertainment and sports on demand on all devices, without ads, in enhanced audio quality.

The adventure continues...

Soakat Music Engine distribute your music globally and you get paid.

Earn revenue by monetizing your music on Soakat.com

The only Gospel music streaming & download website with a revenue generation & streaming royalties. 

Soakat.com allows artists/podcasters to generate income from digital music consumption. 

Soakat.com delivers to a network of about 250+ international, USA, UK, Europe, Ghana, Nigeria or Africa platforms. 

Radio Owners, Podcasters & Musicians, Join SOAKAT Music Engine for the World's independent Artists, 

inspirational Speakers and Broadcasters. Join the page to promote your music, your radio and your podcasts 

for FREE. We owned and run multiple radio stations and various websites to blog your new music tracks/album/single or podcasts worldwide.


Our Services:

Artist Development,

Sermon  Development,

Copyright management,

Securing collaborations,

Podcasters management,  

Broadcasters management,

Ownership conflict resolution,

YouTube channel management,

Music Marketing & Monetization,

Free Smarter Music Landing Pages 

Podcasts Marketing & Monetisation,

Negotiating relationships with brands,

Artists & Podcasts Marketing & Monetisation,

Website, Banners, Logos And App Development,

And many more.


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